Art Work
Splendor Ministries has a good working rapport with several Christian
artists that have the ability to listen to the leading of God and His
Word. Who can create special pieces in all medias, to be used for
everything from decoration, to the perfect piece for a program for the
church, or as a fund raiser for a church that has that need.
Art Programs
Specially commissioned pieces and fund raising art
What do you do with a commissioned piece or a limited edition fund
raiser picture?  We help you set up unveilings and can even help by
having the artists there at your location for hand signed limited edition
litho or simpler numbered pieces. We handle everything for your
church and for the artist.
Art Programs Needs
We find the people to have the right testimony of the event, rather
then scanning several catalogs to settle for something that everyone
else can get also for something that the church relates to or sets as a
Music workshops and helps
Music    Psalms 96:1 "Sing unto The Lord a new Song,
Sing unto The Lord all the earth"
Music Programs Needs
Splendor ministries works with churches of all sizes from the
congregation of 25 to the choir of 250 to help set up music
workshops to inspire those in your congregation to use the
talents that God has given them. We bring in some ordinary
people and pros to instruct, inform, and encourage the
people in your church
We can do whatever you feel you need to help your church
produce, promote,and even help with performers.  We can
help you get groups of soloists to do benefit concerts so
that you can get that new piano or keyboard that your church
desires but can't get into the budget.  There are Christian
musicians that are glad to serve God to help you make that
prayer an answered prayer.
From the Musicians to the programs, preparation is key We can
help you with those preparations.  Planning lead times, press
releases, advertising, promotion and even setting the stage to
make your concert a professional style, not just another church
meeting. Broadway and Lincoln Center have nothing on what
God can do to bring worship to an all new level for your church
God led Artist, can be used by God, to further
His work where you are today
God led Musicians, can be used by God, to further
His work where you are today
Churches raise thousands of dollars for
their out reach programs with art.

Dr John Roberts said
"David Mitchells' piece titled  
"The Ark of God"
is; "the most accurate depiction of the
Word of God I have ever seen in my 40
years of teaching the
old testament."
David Mitchell
The Colors of Christ
David Mitchell

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