The start up cost for your church, is the actual cost of a hosting service.
The design and training of an administrator is done for a love offering to
Splendor Ministries when the site is presented to the congregation.

Average cost of a
domain name today is
$50.00 per year

Average monthly cost of
operation of a web page
$35.00 per month

Average size of a
church web site is
under 5 pages
Average start up cost for churches varies from $500.00 to $1,000.00
We can show you
how to get a
domain for as little
as $10.00 per year

We can show you
the same service for
per month

Average size of a
Splendor Ministries
Church web site is over
15 page

Your church site will include but not be limited to the following:

1. Web address
2.  Full training for your church to update the pages at any time
3. Home page
4. Training on How to promote your site in community  
5. Pastors page
6. Music page  
7.A presentation to show your site to your congregation and how to navigate within the site
8. Youth page
9. Contact page
10.Continuous consultation and support to keep you up to date   

Join the 21st century outreach media
you can minister world wide today on the web.
What the World Charges for the Web
What Splendor Ministries offers for the Web
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