In The Beginning
I truly believe God was preparing me for this ministry from the moment I accepted
Christ as my Savior on March 4, 1967.  I was working at The American Publishing
Company as a layout and design artist when a new pastor in our area invited me to a
Word of Life Youth Rally at Brookdale Baptist Church in Bloomfield, N.J.  That Night I
accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.   I knew I needed to be able to tell others
about Jesus Christ.  With the help of that Pastor, James Gent,  I was enrolled In
Tennessee Temple Bible School, College and Temple Baptist Theological Seminary in
less then 90 days. I Studied there until August of 1970.
To The
Splendor can help coordinate:

Christian Counseling
Helping Hands Ministries
and Chaplaincy Programs,
Christian Counseling
Art exhibits,
Special programs,
Workshops for:
Dance groups,
Christian comics,
Web Page Design.
To The
Christian Artist
Splendor can help you
give back to God that
which He has given you in
talents, and expertise.
Also, we can help you find
a ministry for your talents
that will allow you more
time to use that talent for
We can help with: Concert
schedules, Promotions,
Art exhibits and shows
Commissioned pieces,
Presentation programs
The Years of Preparation for this Ministry
In September of 1970 ,  the Lord led me to Child Evangelism Fellowship Institute in Muskegon, Michigan  
where I learned about Story Telling And Flannel Graph , Radio Drama, and even Television Production with
"The Tree House Club" starring  Earl the purple squirrel.  Odd,  yes,  but God had a plan for my life.  I just
didn't know it yet. At the completion of my training,  I accepted the call as Passaic County director of Child
Evangelism Fellowship,  where God used me as the youngest director in the history of Child Evangelism
Fellowship, to do a remarkable work with some remarkably talented teenagers as summer missionaries.  
One of
those teenagers was George W. Wiesner, III,  now known as the world famous organist of Radio City Music
Hall for over 25 yrs.  During that first summer, George would be used by God to write and perform the
background for a story God had me write, "The Ballad of Two Brothers", which was recorded by Family Radio
for Word Record Co. , and played on Family Radio throughout the United States, in 1971.  
The why and how God led us to
this ministry
A service ministry
Serving Christ through the Education, Spiritual Care, Counseling and The Arts
God's Leading is Never by Accident
God has lead so clearly  since the beginning of this ministry that we know that He is going to use it for His purpose
to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God, and to be used to call many Christians into service for His Kingdom,  both
in and out of their local churches.  We covet your prayers and support for the arts that God has used throughout the
years to serve Him.  From Handel and List to George Wiesner and Fred Davies.    From Michelangelo to Thomas
Kinkade to David Mitchell.   From the lightheartedness of the prophets of old to the comic wit of a Mark Lowry.  All
of the arts remember from music and dance to Cooking and comedy are arts given to us to use for the Glory of
God.   In 2009 God turned another milestone with Splendor Ministry leading us into hospitals and nursing and
assisted living facilities, Ministering and designing Chapels, Web sites, and working with more then 55 hospitals in
17 stats with the HMA Corporation.  Have you used your art gift for His Glory today?

Our 2011/2014 Governing Board
I rejoice that  Marlene Lewis serves as our President/Treasurer,  Janet Rae Donnelly as our Vice
President/Secretary, and  Suzanne Rae McCormick, Arts Consultant, Rev. John Beward, Rev. Jay Brigham,
Spiritual Advisors, Gerald Blake and Raymond Wallace Board Members.
Please pray for our board that God will lead us in all our endeavors.

Splendor Inn Opens in New York Expanding Splendor Ministries

On May 20 2013 Splendor Inn Bed and Breakfast Retreat opened it's doors to the public in Norwich, New York.  
The 5 year goal of the Inn and Retreat is to be an operating B&B while ministering as a retreat to those in ministry.
Also Splendor Ministries has established Heart of New York Chaplains and will operate the same as Heart of
Florida Chaplains with all the churches getting involved in the community through Chaplaincy at the hospitals and
nursing facilities in central NY state.
In fall 2009 we opened Florida campus extension school for light University as well as establish our own
undergraduate school for biblical studies under the name of Splendor Bible Institute  SBI will use video lectures and
courses from over 50 Universities and collages around the United States and Canada.
In September 2014 we establish and opened a  2 New York State Splendor Bible Institute locations in Norwich, NY
Tell Me The Story of Jesus
My freshmen year working for the school I was assigned
to the Charles F. Weigle Music Building, the writer of great songs like "No-one Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"
and "A Garden of Roses is Jesus".  You can't be sharing the testimony of a blessed man of God like that to visitors
and students without it influencing your life,  so music became a great part of my Christian Service.
Then in 1973  Calvary Bible Church in West Milferd, N.J. Called me as youth director and we did living dramas
including "The Funeral of  "I. Will Later" and "The Church In The Year 2525",  which God used to win hundreds
of teens and adults to a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ. While in the Northeast I also ministered with
my father (Captain KEN DO) I can do all things through Christ. In the New York New Jersey area.
Then in 1976 I was hired by The Walt Disney World Co. as a Voice for the Company. Giving me the privilege to
sing for 25 years in the Cast Candle Light Choir. I transferred into Retail Store design, and after September 11,
2001 moved to Security operations.
In 1994 we started Splendor Ministries as a part time ministry to help Performers and churches as we could,  and
through the years it has developed to the point where it is today.  We now have a board of directors, assets and
even our own Chapel with weekly services.  To God Be The Glory!!
Splendor Ministries