Dance, &
We feel that laughter is good for the soul, and that there is a time and place
and a blessing for everyone. Stand-up comedy can be used for family nights,
for everything.  Let us help you have a comedy night and keep it fun, family
evangelism outreach meetings, missionary outreaches meetings, youth and
or children's programs. Even seniors love to laugh
Stand Up Comedy
Comedy Skits
Comedy skits can teach truth that we ourselves act out that is seen by others
yet we don't realize what we are doing. Truth is so funny when we see it as
others do.
Whether it be a 5 minute skit, a 20 minute dinner theater play or a full 6
act, 2 intermission evening at the theater, Drama is proven to do the job. No
Actors? No sets? No Budget to put on a production? Perhaps we can help.
From scripts to set design and construction and even to directing and
production, this ministry was called by God to help your church. Use drama
this is an art form.
Festival dances are a form of worship when they can and should be used?  Do
you have dancers in your church that need a recital with a God-centered
theme? From festival to ballet, dance is an art inspired by God. We have
contacts to help you plan  a program or even just a special. The word of God
proclaims for us you use these talents to bring praise to God.