The Word of God tells us to seek wise counsel.  We are here to listen and give
advice without charging your ministry.  We are a service mission and are supported
by Christians that have a desire to show Christ through the arts. We are not
supported by services for hire.
Service  1:Consultation
Service  2:Evaluation
Service  3:Planning
Service  4:Promotion
Service  5:Presentation
Service  6:Post-production
Service  7:Re-evaluation
Our Services
Whenever possible we will travel to you and help you evaluate your needs to reach
the goals you have for your church in the arts
ART, COMEDY, DANCE, DRAMA, MUSIC. All ministries that can be used by God
to reach people for His Son.
From planning what steps you need to take to start a fine arts ministry to planning
an Event, Fund Raiser, Program, Concert, or Viewing, Splendor Ministries will help.
We will help you with Ads, Posters, Press Releases, News Conferences, Radio
promotions, Remote broadcasts, and more
Using resources you now have for God's work may be used or perhaps it would be
better for the event to be staged somewhere else. Or being able to turn a
"Sanctuary" into a concert hall or a "fellowship hall" into a Gallery
Did the event reach the goals that we had set for the event?  Should this be an
annual event, a quarterly event, or even a monthly event? Or was this not the way
or direction God wants us to go in?
Here is how Splendor Ministries can help you.
Rehearsed and ready, you now put on an event that gives God the glory and
encourages all those who view or participate. as an ovation of Praise God from
whom all blessings flow resounds.
Splendor Ministries
Serving Christ and His church through
Education           Spiritual Care           Counseling           The Arts